Beta update

We have had a great response to our call for Beta users for the latest version of our 3DSOM software (3d models from photos). If you haven’t already signed up then click here to get the free BETA – you can run the software including export up to 30th November so don’t delay!

If you have experienced an issue launching the software on Windows 10 then you may need to download a missing “DLL” file – you can get this from Microsoft here… Or just download the software again using the link we emailed and reinstall – we have fixed the issue in the new installer.

If you are experiencing problems running the installer with Microsoft’s “SmartScreen” filter – you may need to bypass this. Simply click the “More Info” link if SmartScreen filter appears, and then click “Run Anyway”.  We are in the process of getting the required “Extended Validation” code signing certificate to avoid this issue in future.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch via our site or email if you have any feedback. You can also view our latest models on Sketchfab at

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the beta!
-The 3DSOM Team





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