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Introducing 3DSOM Pro v3.5 - with webGL export and material channels

January 2012

Creative Dimension Software Ltd is pleased to announce the latest v3.5 release of our 3DSOM Pro product.

Screen shot of new webGL exported model

WebGL export

There are several new export capabilities that have been added to this release. We have added a simple mechanism to publish your 3D models using webGL for hardware accelerated rendering within the browser and without special plugins.

WebGL is a new browser technology for directly accessing 3D graphics hardware from web pages. This technology is gaining support and is already included in many modern desktop browsers and on some mobile phones.

The webGL export function is easy to use and powerful allowing simple models to be published suitable for viewing in a mobile browser such as Firefox under Android as well as highly detailed models suitable for standard desktop viewing.

Also in this release, we've added COLLADA export (a common mesh exchange format).

New material channels

Also available in this release is the ability to create additional texture maps for specular and transparency channels. Once created these maps can be edited using our texture editing tools via any 2D image editor.

This allows users to visualize a whole new range of objects such as drinks bottles etc - you can specify which parts of the object are opaque, semi-transparent or completely clear as well as how glossy or matte they appear.

Bottle model with transparency

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About 3DSOM Pro:

3DSOM Pro, produced by Creative Dimension Software Ltd, is a high-end tool for automatically generating 3D models from photos of an object. The object is placed on a special calibration target with a backdrop and a number of photos taken from different directions. A fully textured 3D model is created with the majority of the process being fully automatic.