3D Content Creation Services

To see the interactive 3D content on this page you should have a Java Virtual Machine installed and enabled. Check you security settings and browser options to check that Java is enabled.
To download a VM for free click the above button or visit www.java.com
Example of customised 3D content from our service

If you don't have the time, or require a customised solution, let us create interactive 3D models of your real world objects. We offer a full service, including photography of objects.

  • Professional quality textured 3D models - Using our in-house expertise and tools, we will hand-optimise the model geometry and textures to ensure the best possible quality is achieved.
  • Optimised for fast download - We can optimise the models without compromising quality to reduce download times for faster access. We can also stream the models allowing the user to see something without having to wait for everything to download.
  • Programmable 3D hotspots - can be added that control the content of the web page when the user clicks on them, for example displaying text or images associated with each part of the object.
  • Scripted Java/ Flash viewer - We can customise the viewer so the model can move on its own and engaging multi-media animated presentations can be displayed automatically. No plugin is required!
  • Web authoring - we can design a 3D microsite around your existing pages using our expertise in dynamic HTML, JavaScript and Java technologies.

Please contact us for further details of the process and prices or with your specific problems and we will be happy to offer advice or help.