2.3. Masking the images

After adding images to the project, the next step in 3DSOM Pro is to mask the images (normal shots) if they are not pre-masked PNGs. Masking the images refers to the process of marking the background around the object, so that 3DSOM Pro knows where the object is within the images. This section of the User Guide explains how to automatically mask images within 3DSOM Pro and how to work with masked images.

The Edit Masks Window section explains how to use 3DSOM Pro to manually edit a single mask. The Creating or editing masks in an external application tutorial shows how you can use your usual image editing software to edit the masks externally.


If your images are proving difficult to mask, you may wish to mask just a few key views (such as front, left, right, back views) and rely on the point data generated using the Point Cloud Wizard .

Step 1

If you want to automatically mask all the images (or all the unmasked images), press the ID_MAKE_MASKS.jpgMask all images... button to launch the Mask Wizard to guide you through the automasking process.

If you just want to apply automasking to a selection of the images, you can use the Masking > Mask Images... menu item. This opens the same Mask Wizard as before but only affects the masks of the selected images.

To try this out, follow the instructions in the Creating a 3DSOM Pro Project section to create a new project from the images in the Examples/Statue directory included with your installation.

Step 2

When you launch the wizard you are asked about your backdrop setup. Select one of the two options: