2.2. Creating a 3DSOM Pro Project

To create a new 3DSOM Project, select File > New menu item or press the ID_FILE_NEW.jpgNew project... button. A file dialog will appear for you to select images to add to the new project. Normally you should add all the images in the folder including any calibration shots, stripe shots and normal shots (see Supported Workflows).

Note: Multiple files may be selected in the dialog by holding down the Shift key. The Control key may also be used to selectively add or remove files. Use the drop-down menu to only show images of a particular type. To add all the images click in the file dialog and hit CTRL A.

Example images

3DSOM Pro is supplied with sample images, such as those in the Examples/Statue directory included with your installation. You can load a set of example images from the "Welcome" dialog shown when you launch the software or from the Help > Show Welcome Dialog menu item. You can then build a model using the ID_MAKE_ALL.jpgMake all button ("GO") button.


Once a project has been created, you can drag and drop additional images files from Windows Explorer into 3DSOM Pro. Alternatively use the Images > Add Images... menu item.

Once you have selected the required images, 3DSOM Pro will load these and try to determine the camera location for each image. Once the camera information has been calculated each image is shown rotated so that it is the right way up.

Lens Calibration

If you are using a wide-angle lens or you are utilizing the edges of the digital photo you may need to calibrate the lens prior to loading your photos. For optimal results we recommend running the Lens Calibration wizard to ensure you obtain the best possible modeling accuracy. See See Calibrating the Lens for details.

Note: The images on disk must all be in the same orientation (landscape or portrait) and be the same size in pixels.

If the calibration target(s) could not be found in the image (and there is no corresponding calibration shot already loaded), or if insufficient areas of the mat were visible, then the image will be marked as "rejected" and an error message displayed. This might be caused by the markings on the mat being too light, or blurred, for 3DSOM Pro to locate.


If you have taken shots with projected stripes and these are not named using the file naming convention described in File Naming Convention, then these images need to be manually identified as being stripe shots before further processing. Select the thumbnails and use the Image Type > Stripes (Cloud Only) menu item from the Main Menu > Images menu".