2.10. Adding the surface texture

This section explains how to create a texture map for the model within 3DSOM Pro.

The generation of the texture map uses the wireframe model and each of the original images to determine how each triangle should be coloured. The information from all these images is blended together to provide a seamless texture.

More advanced texturing operations are described in:

2.10.1. Using the Texture Wizard

Starting Point

You should have created a wireframe from the masks as a triangle mesh.

To try this out, load the figure.bob project from the Examples/Statue directory with your installation which already has a wireframe — although it already has a texture created you can generate a new one. To see this clearly, first regenerate the wireframe to remove the existing texture.

Step 1

Open the Texture Wizard by clicking the ID_MAKE_TEXTURE.jpgGenerate texture maps... button.

Step 2

Before you start generating the texture, you can alter some settings (these options are described in more detail in The 3DSOM Pro Settings Window section):

Once you are happy with the settings, click the Next > button to start the generation process.


3DSOM Pro automatically selects the key images using the image ordering. You can manually select an image as high priority and override the automatic image ordering by switching to details mode in the Thumbnail Window and using the Images > Image Order menu.

Step 3

As each image is processed, the model is updated to reflect the current texture map. You can stop texture generation when you are happy with the results, or leave it to finish using all the images.

If you are trying different settings, you can use the ID_EDIT_UNDO.jpgUndo model or mask change button to return to the previous state of the model for comparison. Click the < Back button to change settings or to start the process again.


3DSOM Pro excludes masked (background) regions in the images from the textures. If there are highlights or other undesirable features on the object in any image, you can mask these regions manually prior to building the textures but after generating the geometry.

You can also load in two copies of the image and use one mask for the geometry generation and one mask for texture generation by selecting the Image Type > Geometry Only menu item and the Image Type > Texture Only menu item from the Main Menu > Images menu.