4.5. Tutorial: Spot fixing the textures


Sometimes you may wish to quickly touch-up the textures on an automatically generated 3D model to remove artefacts created when blending textures from different images.


In this simple example, we will show how you can fix many issues interactively using the ID_TEXTURE_FIX_MODE.jpgFix texture tool button.

Starting Point

Create a textured 3D model from a set of photographs or by importing a model.

Figure 4.5.1. Example model with texture artefact highlighted. In this case the artefact is due to a slight misregistration of a manually aligned bottom shot which results in a "ghosting" artefact on the lips.
Step 1

In the View Model Window select the ID_TEXTURE_FIX_MODE.jpgFix texture tool button to start interactively fixing texture artefacts.

Step 2

Hold the CTRL key whilst left-dragging the model to rotate until you can see a region of the textured model that requires improvement. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom-in if necessary.

Step 3

"Paint" on the model by left-dragging over the region that you wish to fix. 3DSOM Pro will identify the closest input photo and will apply the pixels from that photo using a soft brush to avoid creating any "seam" and update the texture map.

Figure 4.5.2. Improved model after painting with the "Fix Texture" brush when viewed from the front.
Step 4

Keep rotating and painting with the "Fix Texture" brush until you are satisfied.

To adjust the settings for the brush click the ID_TEXFIX_BRUSH.jpgTexture Fix Settings button.

Figure 4.5.3. Fix Texture Brush Settings

The "Brush size (pixels)" setting allows you to adjust the size of the brush used (in pixels) by typing in the box or dragging the slider.

The "hardness 0-100%" setting allows you to adjust the "hardness" of the brush from 0% (very soft brush) to 100% (brush with hard edge).

The "color match to existing textures" checkbox should be checked if you want the brush to try to match the average colour of the painted region to the existing colour in the texture map. If you just wish to use unmodified pixel values (from the nearest photo to the existing view) then uncheck this option.

Click OK button to close the settings dialog and continue applying the Fix Texture brush.