1.1. Supported Workflows

3DSOM Pro has been designed to create 3D models from photographs taken in a number of different configurations depending on wether you have access to a single camera, several cameras, digital projector or turntable (manual or computer controlled).

The different workflows in order of complexity are as follows:

  1. EASY: Single camera walking around object - if you want to capture an object by walking around it and snapping then this is the simplest approach. You will have to do more work later on to create cutouts (masks) in 3DSOM Pro. The results may vary and some post-editing may be needed - especially for shiny or reflective objects or if the object is too plain.
  2. EASY: Single camera with tripod and small object - if you have a tripod and wish to capture a small to medium sized rigid object that you can move by hand then this approach works best. You can use a plain backdrop behind the object to help masking (with good contrast this will be fully automatic). Some post-editing may be required and plain, shiny or reflective objects may be difficult.
  3. ADVANCED: Using a digital projector - if you have access to a standard digital projector you can project our unique stripe pattern onto the object and get more reliable detailed scans even for shiny or plain objects. (You do need to be able to see the stripes so a very shiny black or mirrored surface won't work). You will need 2 mounted cameras and a turntable or 1 mounted camera and a reliable computer controlled turntable. See the Using projected stripes tutorial.
See following topics Easy workflow 1 - Single camera walking around object and Easy workflow 2 - Single camera with tripod for step by step instructions.