Using 3DSOM Models

Interactive Imagery

What can you do with 3DSOM Models?


During the capture process you can input a size value that will allow 3DSOM to output an accurately scaled model. This allows accurate measurements to be taken in other 3D applications and viewers.

Click on one of the examples below and use the ruler tool to take a measurement

Augmented Reality

The example of the 3DSOM model of a Degas statue below can be seen on the right as an interactive iframe and in the video on the right Augmented onto a dining room table using the 3DSOM AR Viewer

3D print your model

3DSOM meshes are closed and complete and ready to 3D print. You can export a suitable format for 3D printing directly from the software as an STL file

Other uses

Incorporate into 3D scenes – export your models in standard formats for importing into your existing 3D scenes.

Publish to the web – output true 3D content in a number of web formats including our Flash 3D and webGL formats to make your web pages come alive.

Create animations, flythroughs and movies – Use standard industry rendering software to render 3D models as movies for DVDs, web streaming, exhibitions and marketing material.