3DSOM Pro v4 goes live

Following our beta testing program we are pleased to announced that 3DSOMPro version 4 has been released. This version consolidates the new changes announced in the Beta software.

The key new features already announced include…

  • Higher resolution models combining silhouettes and point clouds from stereo image pairs
  • No need to use a projected stripe pattern when creating point clouds
  • New multiple target approach for reliable capture of large objects
  • 64 bit processing to capture denser meshes and higher resolution texture maps

More details on those functions are available here.

We have also added an “Upload to Sketchfab” feature that allows your models to be easily exported to the Sketchfab 3D publishing platform. Once you have entered your Sketchfab “API Key” you can upload a new 3D capture with a couple of clicks. You can view our Sketchfab 3D model collection using the following link:


Of course if you want complete control over your file hosting you can export in our own webGL format and upload to your website or use your Dropbox “public” folder.

You can purchase 3DSOM Pro v4 or download a trial here

-The 3DSOM Team


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